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XNA is available for Windows, Xbox 360 and Windows Phone, and it was strategically planned, especially in the later versions of XNA, to work in these platforms with minimal or no modification. However, to achieve interactive frames per second, a photorealistic graphic engine should be aware of the hardware limitations of these platforms.

XNA Final Engine is prepared to work fast in both Windows and Xbox 360. Unfortunately, Windows Phone support was excluded because XNA does not allow custom shaders and because a good amount of the technology available in the engine is not adequate for mobile device development.

The following screenshots runs at 37 frames per second and has the following characteristics:
  • The models used have approximately 440.000 polygons.
  • Includes an ambient light with spherical harmonic lighting, one directional light with cascade shadows, two point lights and one spot light with a light mask.
  • Tone mapping, morphological antialiasing (MLAA), bloom and film grain were used.
  • A particles system that emits 150 soft tiled particles was placed and is covering almost all the screen (heavy fragment processing).
  • Rendering at 1024x600 (Call of Duty resolution).
  • Most of the optimization opportunities (frustum culling in shadows, lights and geometry passes, stencil optimizations, sky illumination ignored) could not be significant because of the scene characteristics and camera position.


In this section the Xbox 360 hardware and software limitations and the adequate actions to solve them will be exposed.

For an introduction of how to connect the Xbox 360 with XNA just read this tutorial             

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