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XNA Final Engine User Interface


The User Interface is based in Neo Force Controls ( It was heavily modified and improved over the original version:
  • The code was partially rewritten and restructured, and the overall legibility was dramatically improved.
  • Part of the code interface was re-designed. Now it is less error prone, easier to understand and less coding is need it.
  • Commentaries were added though all the code.
  • New controls were added, like the color picker, sliders and collapsible panels.
  • A notorious performance gain. The Neo Force code was so chaotic that some things like, for instance, a double update were not noticed.
  • Some bugs were fixed and other minor improvements were added.

The purpose is to use the user interface for tooling, not for the actual game. Because of that, some features are removed:
  • Gamepad support. The reason why I removed is not longer valid. However there is no reason to support it if it will be used only on Windows. This functionality could be added again and the User Interface is prepared to work in XBOX 360.
  • Skin packing. I just don’t like this feature.

I still think that a rewrite of the code is preferable but in my humble opinion this is a big improvement over the original library.

The User Interface has a GNU Library General Public License, the only GPL license left in the engine. Because the user interface is only helpful for tooling it was separated from the main project and placed into another and XNA Final Engine does not need it to run. So it is safe to develop a game without worrying about this license.

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