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The Road To Version 1.0

This project was a journey, a beautiful experience that I will always remember (I won't abandon the project, do not worry). With this project I learn plenty of topics, from engine architecture, shaders and also artistic modeling. For this reason I want to make a comparative between version 0.5 (first CodePlex version) and version 1.0.

Version 0.5

The model was not that bad actually. Far for perfect, but good enough for a guy that was learning.

Version 1.0

But this model is more clean and precise. And of course the illumination is far better. HDR, tone mapping, light attenuation, better materials, etc.

Pre Version 0.5

However I have a dark past, a very dark one. The next two renders are from Softimage (yes, they are not even from an old version of my engine).

My second try modeling the Murcielago. MY EYES!!

My second murci.jpg

And my very first try. SOMEONE KILL ME!!!

My first murci.jpg

What a bumpy mess they were. Luckily my subdivision modeling skills improved with time and patience.

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