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Version 1.1 (work in progress)

• Spherical harmonics coefficients could be calculated directly from HDR floating point lat-long textures.
• It is possible to change the local and world bone transform matrices via the model animation component.

Version 1.0

• Improved Xbox 360 support.
• More features in the editor (not everything could be implemented).
• Far better batching.
• Multithreaded frustum culling (thanks to the data oriented design). I also made optimizations like the inclusion of a better Intersects method.
• Normals are now compressed using Crytek’s Best Fit Normal method. G-Buffer size was reduced.
• Light’s clip volumes and stencil optimizations were added by the implementation of the reconstruction of the GPU Z-Buffer that is also used to reduce fragments generation.
• Transparent objects are sorted (usign the ModelRenderer bounding sphere) and the forward Blinn-Phong material supports the ambient light, one directional light, 2 points lights and one spot light.
• Added cube shadow maps for point lights.
• Shadow calculations distributed across several frames (no temporal coherence scheme implemented).
• Added virtual buttons and axis to map input more easily (similar to Unity).
• Added physics support via Bepu Physics.
• The old shader’s parameter code was replaced by a better implementation.
• Added anamorphic lens flare.
• Scene management was improved.
• Game objects now also have a content manager associated.
• Fewer castings, unnecessary actions, and bugs.

Version 0.9

It is a direct extension of the previous version.

• The device disposing situation (very rare) is taking care and all assets will be automatically recreated.
• Fixed some sound bugs and improved the sound effect instances management.
• Added statistics and a statistic drawer.
• Added the editor namespace and some core classes.
• Added the spot light with projective (masks) and standard shadows.
• Added several tone mapping operators.
• Added an auto exposure and a temporal eye adaptation feature.
• The Scene class was moved to the EngineCore namespace.
• GamerServices is initialized selectively on engine startup.
• Shader “last used” variables do not used nullable types (a data oriented optimization).
• Layers are working.
• Objects could have materials per mesh part.
• Improved animation system.
• Fixed a lot of bugs.

Version 0.8

• Data Oriented Design.
• Component-Based Design.
• Layer Design.
• Garbage free.
• XBOX 360 support.
• Animation support (limited)
• Split Screen.
• Optimizations.

Version 0.7

• Improved material system: parallax mapping, specular textures (intensity and power), normal maps, reflections, and glass.
• Added Morphological Antialiasing (MLAA).
• Added Soft Particles (Hard Particles are still available).
• Added terrain rendering (this was based in a popular arcade flight game).
• Added a scene manager (only with Frustum Culling for the time being).
• Added 50% of my Lamborghini LP640.
• All the cameras were modified to some extend.
• Fixed several bounding volumes issues.
• Improved performance and stability.

Version 0.69 Prerelease

This version shows the partial implementation of the new illumination system:

• Deferred Lighting.
• High Dynamic Range: filmic tone mapping and bloom.
• Linear space illumination
• Spherical Harmonics lighting
• Filters: dilate, blur (improved version that is faster and works with point and linear filtering).
• Shadows: cascaded and normal shadow maps with different PCF.
• Color grading: color correction with lookup tables, levels adjustments, and film grain.
• Better performance and more photorealism

Version 0.59 Prerelease

• User interface based in the Neo Force Controls project.
• Old User Interface removed.
• Dispose class added.
• Render Target class extended.
• Depth and normals calculations improved.
• Some bugs fixed.

Version 0.51

• Sound restructured.
• Added curve class and the possibility of render it with the primitives class.
• Added particle system.
• Added five tutorials.
• Added the possibility of having more than one content manager.
• Added EngineManager‘ new creation options.
• Fixed a lot of bugs.

Version 0.5

First CodePlex version.

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