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The particles system is based in the popular Microsoft XNA particle system. However it was extended to incorporate soft particles and tiled particles (animation).

Soft particles fade away particles that are close to opaque geometry. This allows a far better integration within the scene. Soft particles could be the difference from ugly graphics to very nice effects. For example you can add animated dust, smoke or other attractive effects without worrying to hide particles close to the ground or walls.

Dust rendered with soft particles. When the particles are close to the car the particles are completely transparent. This allows seeing the car interior clear and the environment with a subtle layer of dust.

Some costly details could be addressed with tiled particles, a collection of small images that form a small animation. If you want to have birds or paper flying on the background you could create a collection of images and render these elements with simple particles instead of costly geometry. Explosions could also look far more realistic with this method and with a little extra cost.

The papers animation is stored in tiled particles, with a small cost the papers seem to fly realistically.

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