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The following is a general description of the namespaces the engine includes.


This namespace includes a set of classes that are crucial to the engine operation. There are also included general information about the time, the screen, and overall statistics.
The engine manager contains information about the Device, GameServiceContainer and similar low level systems. It also includes commands to start the engine and terminate the application execution. The XNA Final Engine pipeline is also defined in this namespace, however there is no need for user input, all operations are carried automatically. The base class of all scenes is stored here, but the application scenes should not be stored in this namespace.


All application assets should be created using one of these classes. This section extends and encapsulates XNA asset classes giving extra functionality and performing internal administration of the resources. It also includes assets that do not allocate data on the GPU memory but help to define the behavior of graphic elements, like shadows, post processing, the ambient light, etc.
A similar concept as the XNA's Content Manager is implemented here.


Includes the classes to create and define the behavior of every world entity. Each entity is a game object, 2D game objects operate in 2D screen space and 3D game objects operate in world space. To add behavior to these entities components are attached, like the Camera component, the Renderer components, etc.
The layer system is also defined here and allows disabling or hiding game objects quickly.


Input devices states are access from here, there is also a subsystem to define virtual axis and buttons.


This is an internal namespace that includes classes that help the engine to execute the deferred lighting pipeline. The user should not manipulate any of these classes in runtime; however the RGBM class could help to create RGBM cube textures from HDR textures in production time.


The managers for sound and music are located here. They sound manager includes global parameters and functions to perform over all sound assets. On the other hand, songs are loaded and manipulated completely from this namespace.


The BEPU library is initialized automatically here. It includes global parameters and raycast operations.


Supporting classes to perform rigid and skinned animations.


Helpers classes to support the user and the own engine's execution. It includes chronometers, extension methods, pools, etc.


Prototype functionality to store the scene information on a storage device.

Editor, Undo and UserInterface

The namespaces that contain the engine’s editor. The user should only reference the Editor namespace and inherit his scene class from EditableScene instead of Scene. No other class should be accessed in any of these namespaces.

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