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If you want to make an indie game normally the best alternative is to make a custom engine that fits well with your project, probably inflexible but fast and simple and with a lower risk of failure. Sometimes, CodePlex game engines (and other free engines) help with specific topics, but usually they are not used in professional projects. I’m instead trying to deliver an engine capable of being the pillar of a commercial game project.

XNA Final Engine was developed with the purpose of be robust, fast and easy to use, and at the same time bringing AAA technologies. To achieve these objectives some sacrifices were made. Specifics areas like IA were not covered at all so that I could focus in bringing a complete photorealistic graphic pipeline, a good component based design, a solid engine structure, XBOX 360 support, etc. The last year of the project estimated chronogram were not used to produce new technologies (something that I had loved to do) instead they were used to improve and debug the existing ones.

Therefore, if you want to develop a commercial game then XNA Final Engine could be a good alternative for you. Just test it and if you find a limitation you can ask me about it. I could find a solution or even improve that area to your needs.

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