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If you are an enthusiast, this engine allows you to develop your own game using some really cool technologies, but it also could teach you about some important topics, maybe not all are the more exciting, but probably they are very valuable. You can easily find tutorials about shadows or physics, but it is difficult to know how to put all pieces together.

This engine follows (or at least try to) the data oriented paradigm and the component based design, two complementary and successful ways of making the base of an engine. It tries to avoid garbage without losing readability or the advantages of the .NET’s memory management. Moreover it works fast in Xbox 360, a platform that has its particular limitations, especially with .NET code. I also try to show how to work with C# and the .NET platform, how to use their power but without overuse it (for instance, LINQ is a powerful feature but has disadvantages in a project like this; LINQ sentences normally produce garbage and sometimes are difficult to read).

My specialty is graphics, and for that reason you could find a lot of interesting technologies, and more will come soon. The engine supports a set of dynamic lighting technologies like horizon based ambient occlusion, cascaded shadows, spherical harmonics lighting, light clip volumes, and so on. And the shaders and the C# code are readable and fast (some could be faster thought).

The engine has other mayor features, like sound, physic and input, but it lacks of IA support, LOD system and other technologies. However, the engine foundation should allow the incorporation of new technologies. Think about it, this is also a good platform to develop specific technologies allowing you to show better what you do.

Do we learn, play and improve together?
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