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Editor Shortcuts

They are similar to Unity 3D but not exactly the same. I’m still not sure how to manage object selection because right now it is a mix of Softimage and Unity and I think it could better to be more similar to the last.

Camera movement

• ALT+Left Mouse Button: orbit camera around look at point.
• ALT+Middle Mouse Button: translate camera.
• ALT+Right Mouse Button: zoom camera with precision.
• Mouse wheel: zoom camera.
• F: frame selection.
• A: frame all.
• Ctrl+R: reset camera.
• F12: toggle wide layout mode.


You can just click or click and drag and can use Shift, Ctrl or Shift+Ctrl for additional selection modes.


• W: translation gizmo.
• E: rotation gizmo.
• R: scale gizmo.
• Escape (while the left mouse button is pressed): cancel current transformation.
• Escape/Space: hide gizmo and return to selection mode.


• Ctrl-Z undo and Ctrl-Y redo.

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