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Unfortunately the editor is not finished, but most of the key elements are already done and it is very easy to create new windows because everything is parameterized (thanks in part to .NET reflection) and its internal code is very clean.

At the moment it is possible to transform objects in global and local space, configure materials, lights, shadows, cameras and the post processing stage. You can also see the scene from orthographic views and perform undo and redo operations over almost all editor commands.


Outside of the editor namespace, as a tool from the engine, and one that can run on both Xbox and PC, there is the statistics information that shows in screen graphs about the frames per second, draw calls, triangles processed, managed memory used and garbage collections performed.


Loading the Editor

The editor could be loaded adding a reference to the editor namespace:

using XNAFinalEngine.Editor;

And inheriting your scene class from the editor scene class instead of the default engine’s scene class:

public class YourScene : EditableScene

The Xbox platform does not have support for the editor and you should expect an exception if you try to use the editor namespace.

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