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Some core features are still missing and if you think that you are prepare for the task then I have good news for you, I am a nice person to work with, poor, really poor. I.e. expect fame but not money… ok, don’t expect fame either, but a good time… and hard, very hard.

Jokes aside, the engine is prepared to work with teams, i.e. you can build a missing part and I don’t have to touch much from my code. Maybe you want to work in your engine but, let’s face it, start an engine from scratch is not always the best idea. I think that this is a good opportunity to develop a good and complex game feature, specially one than it seems ignored for the majority.


• The code has to be in an open license but GPL is not accepted.

• The contributor has to know how to work without garbage, a data oriented paradigm and components, and he also needs to know how to produce good code. But you could learn them in the process, I can recommend you good articles, presentations and books if you want.

• The code has to follows conventions (very similar to Microsoft conventions). And I accept suggestions about it, of course.

What do you say?
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