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   My girlfriend Deniz and me

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I'm José Ignacio Schneider, a gamer and an enthusiast in 3D graphics (in both, the artistic and programming world). I researched in Computer Graphics in the Laboratorio de Investigación y Desarrollo en Visualización y Computación Gráfica (VyGLab) were I wrote my master thesis (right now it is in evaluation process). Also, I worked as a teaching assistant in Computer Graphics for the Departamento de Ciencias e Ingeniería de la Computación (DCIC) at Universidad Nacional del Sur (UNS).

I work mainly with:

Languages: mainly C#. In the pass I worked with C++, PHP, Java and Assembler. I also worked with Cobol, QBasic, Pascal and Modula 2, but I do not remember them much, thank god!!
Shader Languages: HLSL, Cg FX and a little of GLSL. I also worked with FX Composer and Render Monkey.
3D APIs: XNA and DirectX. Also, because of my work as a teaching assistant, I was in constant contact with OpenGL.
3D Software: Softimage. And in a minor scale: Maya and Z-Brush.

Unfortunately I don’t have the time I want to get the most out of my artistic side but I hope in the future to put in use all the knowledge I am gathering. The following are two models that I made three years ago, a toon version of my girlfriend Deniz and a Lamborghini LP640.

I love to model and render in Softimage.

And helping from time to time, Gustavo Schefer

A close friend, the guy who I made almost my entire university degree with. He, knows a lot of physics and IA and also graphics. Furthermore he made his grade thesis about steering behaviors. Unfortunately he tends to lost all his work when his hard drives die (I still not overcome this :P).
This guy is my graphic's psychologist and he was the one who told me to start researching the engine data oriented and component based design. He also implements the Bepu physics interface and the physics example.
    A photo of Gustavo with suit. I can’t resist the temptation.

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