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Unfortunately I didn't have time to write a complete documentation. I know that this is a very important subject, one that normally is overlooked by programmers. However I didn’t overlook the quality of the code (readability, maintainability). The code already has plenty of commentaries and is easy to follow, the organization was for the most part carefully planned and follows a similar design pattern to the successful Unity 3D.
Therefore, this documentation will present a high level description of the different parts of the engine and their interrelationships. If you need a more complete description of the different parts you should look the properties, methods and classes XML documentation data.

Table of contents

1 Getting Started

1.1 Pre Requisites
1.2 Solution and Projects
1.3 Hello World

2 Engine Overview

2.1 Design Pattern
2.2 Namespaces
2.3 Multithreading
2.4 Physics System
2.5 Things That You Have To Be Careful With

3 Graphics

3.1 Deferred Lighting Pipeline
3.2 Color Representation and Treatment
3.3 Gamma Space
3.4 Light Clip Volumes and Stencil Optimizations
3.5 Ambient Light
3.6 Screen Space Ambient Occlusion
3.7 Particles
3.8 Transparent Objects
3.9 Split Screen

4 XBOX 360

4.1 Introduction
4.2 Screen resolution
4.3 Garbage Collections

5 Editor

5.1 Introduction
5.2 Shortcuts


Render States
Compressed Vertex Data
The Road To Version 1.0

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